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Wholesale Seedlings

Retail Pack Seedlings (4-packs, 3" and 4" pots)

Custom Trays for your farm or community garden

Our Seedlings:

  • Certified Organic

  • Grown with high quality potting soil fro Vermont Compost - best in the industry - with great biology that will feed your soil when you plant.

  • Started on time so you get them at the appropriate size for your needs.

  • Grown in a heated greenhouse so plants have a happy environment for optimal growth up until hardening off.

Retail Pack Seedlings

Variety List & Order Form Coming Soon

  • 4-Pack Flats of Single Variety Vegetables, Herbs & Flowers: $27-$30 (10/flat, $2.70-$3/4-pack)

  • 4-Pack Flats of Signature Mixes: $33 (10/flat, $3.30/4-pack) (for example culinary herb mix or cooking greens mix)

  • 4" Pot Flats of single variety Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers: $43 (18/flat, $2.39 per plant)

  • 3" Pot Flats of single variety Eggplant, Hot Peppers, Cucurbits & Herbs: $50 (32/flat, $1.56 per plant)


Custom Trays for Your Farm or Community Garden


The cost per flat (any size) -  $28.

  • This includes a $1 deposit for the plastic flat and carrying tray, which will be refunded to you if you return them. If you want to just keep them for whatever reason, then it's just part of the price.

  • You supply seed.

  • We can seed into 128s, 72s, or 50s. The price is the same for each. Why? While the cost of potting soil is higher for 50s than 128s, the cost of less seed and the lower cost of the labor of seeding balances it out. I also want people to choose the best size flat for the crop, not just pick the cheapest size


If you require delivery please inquire about pricing on delivery. This depends on your location and the frequency and size of deliveries.

Custom Trays
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